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1-on-1 Personal Training 
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It’s easier to reach your fitness and performance goals when there is someone by your side. As a pro MMA fighter, I'm here to help you sculpt a strong body and ultimate willpower. Then, I’ll push you even further. Let’s get amazing results together, it's time to become the best version of yourself.



Austin Batra

Founder of BATRA Fitness

Pro MMA Fighter

Personal Trainer

Since 2015, I have had only one vision—to provide the ultimate environment for athletes to grow and succeed. It’s about being there from day one, motivating you to surpass every possible goal and turn you into a real champion. It’s about commitment.

As a pro MMA fighter and personal trainer, I’ve been privileged to see so many of my students develop and discover their personal strength and gain the confidence to fight and achieve greater results. Open the door to your new life—join me today.

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  • Single session

    60 Canadian dollars
  • 3 days per week. 1 session ($50) x 12 days per month=$600.

    600 Canadian dollars
  • 3 days per week. 1 session ($40) x 12 days=$480/month x 3=$1440 total

    1,440 Canadian dollars